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Factors to Consider When Choosing Stone Crabs
Stone crabs are known to mostly thrive in the shorelines of Florida. The stone crabs have a harder she’ll when compared to the other crabs. There are various restrictions that have been set to ensure that the stone crabs don’t become extinct due to high demand for them. This ensures that people can get a constant supply of these stone crabs although in small quantities. Stone crabs can be prepared in different ways depending on the individual and expertise such a person has in preparation of the stone crabs. When you want to prepare the stone crab you have to use the mallet, lobster cracker or the back of the knife. Most indigenous individuals usually steam the stone crabs after it has been placed in the fridge. People who catch the stone crabs themselves usually prefer to cook the lobster. Individuals love stone crabs because the meat beneath the hard shell is very tasty and also large compared to other crabs.
Stone crab claws are of different sizes and you need to choose the best one based on this criteria. The claws of the stone crabs are mainly jumbo, colossal, medium and large size. The restrictions placed allow people not to harvest the whole crab but only the claws. It is only those stone crabs that have fully matured and nearing their lifespan can be harvested as a whole. The claws are harvested because the stone crabs can regenerate the claws. You can acquire the chunky meat of stone crabs by selecting the colossal size claws that can serve the whole family. The best time to start cracking it harvesting stone crabs is mainly from May to October. When you are aware of the size that you want on the stone crab claws you can prepare the claws with some marinated sauce. Stone crabs contain a lot of nutritious elements and that is why you need to take some at least every year. Don’t let the prices deny you from getting to taste the stone crabs and gain the minerals and vitamins.
You need to consider the price per pound of the sizes of stone crab claws. It is crucial that you should understand the price per pound of the stone crab claws. The price per pound of each stone crabs claws will assist you in knowing how many crab claws you may need during the harvesting season. You will get to enjoy the favorite meat of stone crab claws whenever you want if you have purchased in large quantities.

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