Have you decided to rebuild your family house? Why not. Do you want to rebuild the house so that there is enough space for your children, or grandchildren? To do this, courage is needed, because no walk through the rose Orchard will not be. But what you would not do for your posterity. In addition, you are well based, so why you should have a living each.  Nowadays, just pulling money from the pockets of the landlords of flats or houses, and you and your children will be sure that no one will move you, you'll simply be in your own.
What material?
A lot of work awaits you with rebuilding the house, but you do it for yourself. Everything should be properly thought out. In what spirit should the reconstruction be, what material to use and who to reach possible cooperation.  When choosing a supplier for wooden windows, you should be especially careful. You want quality at a reasonable price and this is what our company offers you.