Destiny’s Ways

The paths of fate are inscrutable. To someone's happiness for ten lives, another is a life deped from the beginning sometimes beyond the grave. Someone can get a good position, money, happy families. Another will end up in a wheelchair, with an incomplete family, handicapped children. The situation of each of the two cases is diametrically different, but in something it is often exactly the same.
What's the same
In both of these cases, you often don't want to see everyone walking around your home, family house, on your life. Why? Whoever is lucky is exposed to the acute danger of the envy of the unmoving people. And whoever is in any way afflated, or somehow handicapped, is rising riddiness, disaffection, xenophobic manifestations and the like. In both cases it will help a good fence of our land, protecting privacy. The simplest and yet stylish solutions offer concrete fences.