Change of residence will benefit you

Did you just find yourself in a situation where you have to change your residence? The circumstances forced you to exchange your apartment for smaller ones? Don't you feel too happy about this? Could you even say that you are unhappy? It is understandable that you have experienced a lot of beautiful moments in the current residence. But take it from the second page. Don't run away in memories. Be optimistic and say you're starting a new life. That the change of residence will only benefit you. Such a change should pour new blood into your veins.
Look at the world optimistically
Look, beautiful and touching memories take with you to a new apartment, and you sadder leave where they are. Are you still bothering you? Do you mean the process of moving to a new one? Does that bother you too? What do you do with all these things? You can't take anything with you, that's clear. So take a moment to set aside, without what you can do in the new apartment, and then leave everything else to the professional bunch of people who will relocate your home. Simply leave your worries to others.